April 18th, 2012

MOST states have not experienced much of a summer but that hasn’t slowed the sales of the Territory.

“Akubra generally sees a spike in sales of the Territory style during the summer months,” said company secretary Roy Wilkinson.

But why does this Akubra out strip some of the more popular styles?

“Predominantly it’s 102 mm cut edge brim represents one of Akubra’s widest brim hats on offer,” Roy explained.

“Those who are smart about sun protection recognise this attribute and consequently the Territory is keenly sought after.”

The Territory hat features a pinch crown and broad dipping brim and an embossed bonded leather band and wide eyelet vents.

It serves the owner well in the rain, like all Akubra’s and is currently number 4 on Akubra’s best sellers.

“The Territory has been a consistent performer for decades,” Roy added. The hat is featured in Black which is a new addition to stock service in sizes 55cm and 61cm. The Territory is also offered as stock service in khaki from sizes 55cm to 61cm and Santone Fawn sizes 53cm to 63cm.