Akubra Calendar - 2021


The Akubra 2021 Calendar is a collection of our favourite images.

$10 from the sale of every calendar sold on akubra.com.au will be donated to Royal Far West.

Akubra Calendar - 2021

Royal Far West is one of Australia’s most enduring and respected charities, dedicated to improving the health, education and wellbeing outcomes for children in rural and remote areas across Australia.
Established in 1924, we offer health, education and disability services for country children and their families at our Centre for Country Kids in Manly, virtually via telehealth and through our in-community programs. In 2019, we supported more than 9,500 children, families and health/educational professionals.

Royal Far West’s team of over of 95 paediatric clinicians offers psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy and social work services to country children with speech and language delays, behavioural and learning difficulties and mental illness, who cannot access these services locally. The right support at the right time can change a child’s life trajectory. We firmly believe that every Australian child has the right to the health, education and developmental care that will help them unlock their potential, wherever they live.

Featuring school terms and holidays in AUS & NZ.
Grid start day: Monday.

Postage for this item is $10 within Australia (international postage rates vary according to destination) or free when purchasing a hat.

Size: 30cm (w) x 60cm (h)

Measuring Your Head Size

Heads come in all sizes, and in a surprising variety of shapes.

Although Akubra hats are adaptable, and will usually conform to differences in shape with a little wearing, it is essential that the size be correct for your head.

To determine your hat size follow these 3 simple steps:
  • Measure the circumference around your head - approximately 12mm (1/2") above the ears
  • Keep the dressmaker tape level and firm, across the temple and above the eyebrow ridges.
  • Check the size chart given below.

NOTE: For in-between measurements use the next size up.

























U.K. hat: 6 1/2 6 5/8 6 3/4 6 7/8 7 7 1/8 7 1/4 7 3/8 7 1/2 7 5/8 7 3/4
U.S. hat: 6 5/8 6 3/4 6 7/8 7 7 1/8 7 1/4 7 3/8 7 1/2 7 5/8 7 3/4 7 7/8

For an enduring fit with your new Akubra the following points should be considered:

  •  The Sheepskin inner band of the hat may shrink slightly with use. Do not expect a tight-fitting hat to 'loosen up'
  • In time, the hat will conform to your head shape. Initially, a slightly loose-fitting hat can be adjusted using folded tissue placed behind the inner band, then removed as the hat conforms to your head shape.


The correct belt size is typically one size larger than the wearer's apparel waist measurement. For example 97cm pants will require a 102cm belt. 

Akubra belts are measured from the buckle tip to the centre buckle hole, so a 92cm belt will adjust from 87cm to 97cm.

PANT 71cm 77cm 82cm 87cm 92cm 97cm 102cm 107cm 112cm 117cm 122cm
SIZE 28" 30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40" 42" 44" 46" 48"
AKUBRA 77cm 82cm 87cm 92cm 97cm 102cm 107cm 112cm 117cm 122cm 127cm
BELT SIZE 30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40" 42" 44" 46" 48" 50"

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