Australian made - worn the world over

Australian made - worn the world over


Quick answers to our most asked questions

GENERAL Questions
Q: Are Akubra hats sized like caps and other hats, and can the size be adjusted?
A: Our hats are typically available in a much broader range of size to give a more precise and comfortable fit for each individual, although minor adjustments to the personal fit of an Akubra can be made.

Download Sizing and Fitting Chart »

Q: Do Akubra hats shrink?
A: With our stipulation for using quality, natural materials and components in the manufacture of Akubra hats there will always be some natural shrinkage over time - so always allow for this when selecting your size.

Download Sizing and Fitting Chart »

Q: How do I look after my Akubra?
A1: Refer to our Hat Care page for assistance.

A2: In addition, the Akubra Presentation Box is an ideal option - both as gift packaging and for transit packing their Akubra.
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Q: There are so many Akubra styles available - how do I choose the best one to suit my needs?
A: Our clients all have different needs, whether it is for:

a specific styling image (Australian Country, Western, or City Fashion);
a particular colour to match an existing uniform or theme;
quick delivery from our stock service range;
the addition of logo branding or special trim to the hats;
or a mix of all these needs.
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EVENT Questions
Q: "I'm organizing an event for many international delegates. How do I order the correct Akubra sizes for them?"
A1: On your event registration form, add our size table, measuring instructions, and a size tick-box for each delegate to complete and submit. Once those forms are compiled, we may suggest adding so me contingency sizes that may be returned after the event.

Download Sizing and Fitting Chart »

A2: Alternatively, provide us with general demographic details of delegates (age, sex, nationalities). Our broad international experience will assist in compiling a specific size range. We may suggest adding some contingency sizes that may be returned after the event.

Q: "Our large event is being held in central Australia, and we plan to order a demographic size range of Akubras - but how do we arrange to fit our delegates with them when they arrive?"
A1: Your staff may arrange an area with display hats arranged by size for delegates to try for correct fit, and staff may also use dressmaker's tape measures to assist that process. We can deliver the hats packed by size for easier distribution.

A2: Alternatively, we may negotiate to include an Akubra Fitting Station at the event, where we provide all hats and our own experienced staff to efficiently measure & fit, to complete the process professionally.

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Q: "We wish to present Akubra hats to guest Speakers on stage - how can we do this effectively without knowing their size beforehand?"
A1: Select a relatively large hat size for their demographic. This will be effective on stage, and the size may be corrected after the event.

A2: Alternatively, present an empty Akubra Presentation Box with your gift voucher inside. At the end of the ceremony, offer a range of sizes for correct fit.

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Q: "We don't wish to use a baseball cap for an Australian promotion. How do we add our logo to an Akubra without detracting from that authentic Australian image?"
A1: We have developed a "hot-branded" style of logo application using laser-engraving to burn your logo directly into the Akubra. This style of application proves ideal for a subtle & enduring Branding Promotion, effectively leveraging your brand with our image.

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A2: Alternatively, should you require greater visual impact with colour; we offer a range of full-colour logo application techniques, including Flock & Plastisol transfers, hat-pins & badges, and woven & embroidered hat-bands.

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Q: We don't have the facilities, budget, or time to re-pack the promotion's Akubra deliveries, and then there are extra freight charges if we are double-handling. How can we improve that process?
A: We offer an efficient fulfilment service, storing and despatching your hats according to your collated customer orders - for a quick and efficient delivery direct from our warehouse to your dealers or customers - Australia-wide at very reasonable rates.

UNIFORM Questions
Q: We have a specific style, colour, and trim requirements for their uniform design. Can Akubra customize their hats to suit our needs?
A1: We manufacture in excess of 100 styles of fur-felt Akubra hats - from trilbies & top-hats to western and military contract hats - in a broad range of colour and trim options. More often than not we can satisfy clients' needs from that range.

A2: Alternatively, the individual, hand-made nature of our production process does allow for some customization of colours and trims, depending on minimum volume requirements and timing.

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Q: We have many staff in several locations around Australia - all requiring Akubra hats. How do we arrange to fit and measure such a group?
A1: Our comprehensive Akubra Sizing & Fitting Chart contains all necessary information for customers to determine their Akubra size. This can be easily distributed and reproduced as required.

Download Sizing and Fitting Chart »

A2: We can supply size ranges of Akubra hats with fitting & sizing instructions, which will enable staff at each location to fit and size themselves with the actual hat style, prior to local managers collating orders. This method is particularly useful when logo-branded hats are to be made-to-order. The size range hats are often retained for future fitting of new employees.

A3: Alternatively, we can supply a quantity of hats in a pre-determined size break-up to each location, then balance further requirements following initial fitting.

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